Saturday, March 2, 2013

Okkade Devudu - One God

Sai Shiridi Baba

Sab ka malik ek hai
Every Ones Owner is One

okkade suryudu okkade chandrudu okkade aa devudu
One Sun One Moon One God
Allah Amchu Mahammadiulu 
Jehova e Amchu Satchristavulu 
Pullabjachnu Datamchu Vaishnavulu 
Sambho Amchu Saivulu Sada 
Prahladambuna Golva Andarikin Ayu Arogya 
Sampada Labhambu Losangi Sam Rakshinchu 
Devundu Okkade Amchu Abavimpudi 


Mohammedans say "Allah"! 
Christians say "Jehovah"! 
Vaishnavas say "Vishnu"! 
Shaivites say "Shambo"! 

When worshipped with joy, the God who confers longevity and health and protects is only One. Believe in This.

Friday, July 1, 2011

In the Eyes of Child - There is no Untouchability - Difference in Religions

Iname.n Chhuut Aur Chhaat Nahii.n, Jhuuthii Jaat Aur Paat Nahii.n
Bhaashhaa Kii Taqaraar Nahii.n, Mazahab Kii Diivaar Nahii.n
Inakii Nazaro.n Me.n Ek Hai.n, Mandir Masjid Gurudvaare

Bachche Man Ke Sachche Saarii Jag Ke Aa.nkh Ke Taare
Ye Vo Nanhe Phuul Hai.n Jo Bhagavaan Ko Lagate Pyaare

In the Eyes of Child - There is no Untouchability & Difference in Religions
due to which they are dear to God

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tujhme rab dikhta hai - I See God in You

Temple To Church To Mosque With Performance By Kids

Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka sukoon
Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai Yaara mein kya karu

Here's a translation of the first verse: You Are My Paradise You're My Obsession You're All My Wishes Put Together You Ease My Spirit You're The Shade For My Eyes You Knocked On The Door Of My Heart I May Not Know Much But This I Do Know I See God In You My Love, What Am I To Do? I Bow My Head Before You My Love, What Am I To Do? I See God In You My Love, What Am I To Do?
Songs Ends in GuruDwara

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lord Rama and Allah are OnE Watch End of Video
During the reign of Abdul Hasan Tana Shah, (the nawab of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty at Golconda), Ramadas (Gopanna), thanks to his uncle Madanna, was appointed as a Tahsildar for Palvancha Paragana which included Bhadrachalam, a pretty and picturesquely situated temple town on the Godavari river. Ramadas was always distracted and his intense love for Lord Rama compelled him to build a temple at Bhadrachalam. He collected money for the construction from the citizens, but was not enough. So he borrowed from the tax revenue of the nawab and gave his god a worthy abode, vowing to return the money. However, the nawab was furious and sentenced Ramadas to 12 years in prison. Raamadaas thus earned the name Bandikhana Raamadaas (meaning imprisoned Ramadas). Frustrated at god's indifference to his pleadings, Ramadas composed some of the finest keertanas in his prison cell (reminding Rama of his services in Ikshvaku Kula Tilaka).

It is said that Rama & Lakshmana in the guise of two youngsters paid up his dues and got his release papers. The golden coins paid by Rama are known as Ram Tanka coins .They can be seen even today. These coins have the Pattabhishekam scene on one side and the picture of another Rama Bhaktha, Hanuman, on the other side. The nawab was moved and recognized the greatness of Ramadas and released him immediately and gave him land around Bhadraachalam to continue his dedicated service to Bhadraachala Raamamoorty.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Allah Megh De Pani De - Shyama Megh de pani de
Allah Megh De Pani De... Shyama Megh de pani de …”Shyama O God Give us cloud Give us water The Original Song in Bengali One of the most famous Folk Song of India The sequence is from the late 70s Hindi movie, Dev Ananda’s Guide. The song is a classic. i could not tell whether that song was a sad or a happy song. It’s meant to be sad but it almost sounds like magical chanting, almost hypnotic begging for rain through prayer. Various movies had the same lines as the song, “Allah Megh de..” had those lines.